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Get started on your search for your used motorhome or other RV right here. When searching for a new or used motorhome it is important to keep in mind the differences between buying an RV and a car. Cars are generally much cheaper than an RV, and a dealership can afford to sell cars at a much lower margin than a motorhome dealership. RVs also take up much more space and are sold at lower volume than cars and trucks. One way to ensure you don't overpay is to find out the invoice price of the RV you are interested in.

With the current economy there are sure to be great deals out there. Dealerships and private parties selling their RV are much more likely to accept a lower price just to be able to make the sale. You might also be able to find a great deal on a reposessed recreational vehicle or even a going out of business sale at a dealership. A great place to start in your price research once you have a particular make and model in mind is nadaguides.com (click the RVs tab on the top).


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